How To Extend C Drive in Windows 10/8?

Are you using your C drive for installing the OS and other software? The majority of computer users use C drive for storing essential documents and licenses. However, you may have to extend the drive, and so you need to know how to extend C Drive in Windows 10.

Windows 10 has some cool features, and the drive extension is one of them. The expansion of drive is supported officially to make it more authentic. Moreover, now you can extend your C drive and install important files here.

In this content, you will find the methods for increasing the drive space and some technical information about Drive management. So, let’s start.


Why do you need to Extend C Drive?

When you are going to open, you’re my Computer and then see that your pc is slow. Moreover, the space status bar of C drive is showing red color. These all may make you a bit confused. However, you can solve these problems by yourself, and for doing so, you will need to extend C Drive.

As your OS is installed in the C drive, you have a lot to know about the Program Files option. If you install new packages in your pc, then the extracted file will store here in Program Files. So, the drive C may get engaged with a vast amount of space and make you pc slow as the Operating System is in this drive.

A drive needs enough space to execute a program, and if the application fails to gain free space, then it won’t run. So, it necessary to extend the C drive.

Methods of Extending C Drive

There are three main methods to extend the C drive. Now you are going to know them. The methods are-

  • Extend c drive in windows 10 using cmd
  • By Software
  • Disk Management Option

Method 1: CMD (Command Prompt)

In this method, you will know how to extend c drive in windows 10 using cmd. Here, you need not download any third-party software. Again, you can do this method by yourself easily by following the steps.


Step 1: Search



First, you need to search the command prompt to launch. Press the WINDOWS key and search ‘cmd’ and click on the “Command Prompt.”

Step 2: Run Code


how to extend C Drive in Windows 10


In this step, you need to run some code as follow-


  • diskpart
  • list volume
  • select volume x
  • extend size =number


how to extend C Drive in Windows 10


And after one code, you need to press Enter. The first drive is numbered as 1. So, the select volume x means select volume 1. You are done with this process, and you can extend your c drive by this method.


how to extend C Drive in Windows 10


Method 2: Using Software

You will get many third party software by which you can easily extend your drive. In this method, all you have to do is that- Download and Install the desired software in your system. You will get complete instruction in-app manual to use that third-party app. For doing this, you need to give admiration power to that software so that it can read and write over your disk. If you want how to extend c drive in windows 10 without formatting, then this can be a solution to utilize.

Some of the Software are-


Method 3: By Disk Management Option

If you cant extend c drive windows 10 by the previous methods, then you can follow this fantastic method. This is a straightforward process to, let’s see.

Step 1: My Computer


how to extend C Drive in Windows 10


First, go to My Computer or This PC then right-click on the icon. Manage>>Storage>>Disk Management.


how to extend C Drive in Windows 10


how to extend C Drive in Windows 10

Step 2: Select the Drive

Now select the drive and right-click on that, and if the drive is expandable, then you’ll find the option to extend the drive.


how to extend C Drive in Windows 10


Drive Management

Drive management is the preplanned process where, before installing a new operating system in a system. First, you need to know about your storage type and the amount of storage in your order. Then you need to do a plan by which you can give maximum space to your desired drive. And this is called Drive management.

By applying drive management, you can save windows 10 extend c drive greyed out. So, now you can manage your drive before you install the OS.



  1. How to extend c drive in windows 7 without formatting?

-You can do this by using the cmd commands or by using some third-party software.

  1. Can Drive collapsing harm your system?

-Not actually, but it will slow down your system, and for the heavy load, your system may generate more heat.

  1. How to make partition while installing Windows 10?

– When you are ready to give new Windows 10 OS in your system, then you will find the partition option in the boot option. There you can set the amount of space you want for the particular drive. Moreover, you can delete or add a new portion/partition from that option. After that, select a partition to install the Windows 10 OS.


Additional Tips: How to Extend C Drive in Windows 10 Free

Before knowing how to increase c drive space in windows 10 without any software, you should follow some additional tips. The other tips may help you to execute the methods flawlessly. They are-

  • Make sure that your battery is fully charged and connected to the power supply.
  • You need to execute the command properly.
  • Don’t do the extending of any drive if your system doesn’t allow to do.

Final Note

I hope that you have known about how to extend c drive in windows 10 free and the paid version of using such software. It depends on your system that it will be eligible for your system or not. Again the method you choose can determine how preciously you complete your task. So, make your decision and try the best option for your system.

Again, you should be very careful while installing the windows 10 operating system in your pc so that you can manage the drive from there.

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