How to reduce background noise on Mic Windows 10?

When we record any voice, sometimes there comes an unwanted voice or sound in the recording.


The sound makes the whole recording terrible to hear and also create a disturbance. These sounds are background noise, and it is called ambient noise too. Simply the sound that creates noise pollution on any sort of disturbance in a recording is called background noise. The other sound that is present in a record but to the original voice that all are background noises.


These noises make the recording very disturbing to hear. But thankfully, there are ways to minimize the background noises.


Let’s know about How to reduce background noise on Mic Windows 10.


Reasons for background noises


Background noises are unwanted, and it is not something that we can easily control. Simple human action cannot avoid these noises in any recording. Some source of background noises is-


  • Nature sounds like wind sound or water, rain sound, etc.
  • Traffic: vehicle horns and running sounds
  • People: casual talks, crying babies, playing kids or neighboring house sounds
  • Birds and animals: the barking sound of dog or chirping sound of birds
  • Inside the house: alarms, mobile ringtone, a siren from the cooker, noise of blender and many other types of sounds


When we record something outdoor, these sounds are unavoidable. We cannot control these sounds.


So, when we record something, these sound generally recorded with the original one. What we can do is to set the mic is such a place where is less noise, and the settings of the mic should set according to that it won’t record background noise. You can do this by following a few simple steps.


Process of reducing background noise on mic windows 10


When we record on a day while it’s raining, the sound of rain also records along with the original voice. That doesn’t mean that we won’t record anything on rainy days. Just like rainy, only every other day also has any sort of problem. These unwanted sound sometimes spoil the whole recording.


In this article, we will provide you a secure method of reducing background noise.


This will help you to get audio without any noticeable noise. The technique is tested many times so you can keep the faith, and it will work like magic. You need to follow few simple steps to get noise-free audio. These are-


Step-1: Press on the search bar on the taskbar of the windows. Type control panel there and click on the control panel. By accessing the quick access menu, you can also open the control panel; Press windows +X to access the quick access menu.


Step-2: On the control panel, you’ll find an option named HARDWARE and SOUND. Click on the option, and a new page will open.


How to reduce background noise on Mic Windows 10


Step-3: On this new page, you’ll see Sound option click on it.


How to reduce background noise on Mic Windows 10


Step-4: After a click on sound, a new dialog box will open. On that dialog box on the above portion, there is a tab named Recording click on it. After clicking on that tab, you’ll all of the recording devices that are connected to your computer. From there, choose the microphone that is being used to record.


How to reduce background noise on Mic Windows 10


Step-5: Chose on the device and do right-click on it. A new menu will open; select Properties from there.


How to reduce background noise on Mic Windows 10


Step-6: After clicking on that, a new dialog box will open for that option. On the top, there is a tab named level click on it. You’ll see all details of your microphone there. Check the sound level. Make it 100. This sound level should be 100 for better performance.


How to reduce background noise on Mic Windows 10


If you want high sound, then increase the Microphone Boost slider by +10db or higher.


Step-7: After doing that, select the Enhancements tab, and it’s on the above portion of the dialog box. On this page, tick mark Immediate mode and also Noise suppression and Echo Cancellation. 


How to reduce background noise on Mic Windows 10 


In some winds, it may show Disable all sound effect options. Nothing to fear. It also does the same job tick mark it.


Step-8: After doing all these things correctly, press OK.


How to reduce background noise on Mic Windows 10


Now record new audio using the device, and surely we will notice very little background noise.


Tips for reducing microphone background noise


There is some basic microphone using rule by following those you can reduce background noise noticeably.


  1. Always buy a microphone that is very high in quality. While purchasing a microphone, make sure that it has an active noise cancelation system. It will help to cancel out background noise, and you’ll get excellent quality audio.
  2. For audio of less background noise, you should use a pop filter or air filter. This filter does a great job in case of canceling the noises. The filter will minimize the sounds, and the air bursts as well.


  1. Make sure you are recording within a favorable distance. The mic should not be very far from your subject. For better audio quality, place the mi nearer to the topic. The distance between the subject and the mic should not be more than one foot.


  1. While recording indoor male sure the fan is off. It will help a lot to reduce background noise.


  1. You can also use enhancements audio software for high-quality background noise cancellation work.




Question: Why microphones pick up ambient noises?


Answer: The job of a microphone is to record audio. It records everything it hears. So, to avoid these voices buy a microphone that has an active noise cancelation feature. Always use filters. This will prevent noises from recording. If you are using a phone to record anything, then make sure you place it on a flat surface for better results.


Question: What can I do to avoid background noises?


Answer: You can avoid background noises by following some simple tips. Try to record in a room. Make sure no fun is on while recording. Make sure you are recording within an optimal distance. The mic should not be very far from your subject.

A pop filter will help to avoid noises.




In this article, we tried to guide you about how to reduce background noise on mic windows 10.


Following these tips, you can record audio with less noise and better quality. Audio with less background makes the whole thing very smooth to hear. Hopefully, this article will help you to record high-quality audio with reduced noises. If you find this useful, then share it with your friend too.

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