What is Emulated Storage on Android

 When you go to transfer your files from the pen drive to your Android device or move files from one type of storage to the other, you might see an emulated storage folder is being shown as the main folder.So,what is emulated storage on Android?

You might be wondering what it is and why it is shown when it was supposed to show internal storage or external storage card name. Well, in this article, we are going to tell you more about this emulated storage and also what does different kinds of emulated storage mean on Android. We will also show you some of the sub-folders of the emulated storage folder and their purpose. Let’s go ahead.


What Does Emulated Storage Mean?


Emulated storage works to express an actual file path against the symlink of your device’s storage. It can express both the internal memory and the external SD card. A symlink is used in computing to expressed to mean a symbolic link. By it, we mean a file that might contain a reference to another file or even directory to indicate the real, relative, or absolute path. This also affects the resolution of the pathname. To be short, by the very term emulated we understand that it is not a real storage card or SD card, but an emulated one. This symbolic link or symlink concept is not new. It is used in 1978 for the operating systems of the mini-computers.


What is Emulated Storage on Android


To show it as an example, if you browse /sdcard0/Download as a symlink, you are browsing /storage/emulated/0/Download which is the actual path to reach the files of the folder. Usually, actual files are located in the filesystem.


Division in the Android Storage


Usually, there are two paths to show your external SD card and internal card or memory. If you want to create a directory, you have to either choose the external card or an internal card. If you want to create a new directory on your external SD card, you have to go /storage/sdcard1 by your file explorer. However, this link can be otherwise written or shown as /storage/emulated/1. Here, by 1, the external SD card is meant.


On the other hand, if you want to create a new directory on phone storage or internal storage, you need to explore Sdcard0 or /storage/sdcard0 which can be written or shown as /storage/emulated/0. Here 0 stands to show that it is internal storage. So, the first one is just the symbolic link, where the one with emulated is the real link or path to the directory.



What is Emulated Storage on Android



Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


What is meant by file storage/emulated/0/download?

Here, emulated stands to show the actual path for reaching the download folder of your card. By 0, it indicates the internal storage. So, if you have downloaded anything in your internal storage on the download folder, you can follow this path to reach your downloaded files on the internal storage.


What does DCIM emulated storage stand for?

DCIM generally indicated the image folder where your pictures are saved. It generally saves your captured photos in this folder. However, there might be two DCIM folder on your device where one can be in the internal storage and the other on the external SD card. If you see the actual file path as storage/emulated/0/DCIM, it might indicate the images in the phone storage. On the other hand, if the file path looks like storage/emulated/1/DCIM, it might be the path to show the folder for images in your external SD card.


How does Android show an emulated internal storage path?

The emulated internal storage path might show like storage/emulated/0/. In a file explorer, you will see the directory as /storage/sdcard0.


What does storage/emulated/0/pictures/messenger mean?

This file path will take you to the pictures of your internal sd card that you have downloaded from the Messenger by Facebook. If the downloaded pictures from messenger are not saved in this internal folder, you might search them on storage/emulated/1/pictures/messenger, which indicates that the downloaded pictures from the Messenger are on the external SD card.

What does storage/emulated/0/music indicate?

It is the default path for the music folder in your internal storage. If you get music from somewhere, you can keep your music here. However, in file explorer, this might look like /storage/sdcard0/music.



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Final Thoughts

Emulated storage path shows you the actual path of the files or directories. However, if you do not know what does the 0 or 1 mean after te emulated term, you might find it difficult to understand the file path in reality when you use file explorer. We hope that fact what is emulated storage in Android is clear to you now and you can understand some of the common sub-folders in terms of emulated storage.

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